Advantages of the Helicast Pile over conventional Screw Piles.

Minimal soil friction reduces the soil disturbance associated with plate helical type piles.

The butt-welded end attachment of the cast helix to the steel pipe allows engineers to use the full structural capacity for the steel pipe, allowing for less steel in the ground in direct comparison situations.

Bearing Plate Theory is used for pile capacity calculations, not skin friction.

Pile Load is distributed through a pressure bulb. Description: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Y3doAD-8mZ0/TuzUuA32l8I/AAAAAAAAEZg/doUtBQSBh4I/s1600/earth+pressure-3.JPG

In medium and dense soil conditions, testing shows the Helicast pile outperforms conventional screw piles by a factor of 2.2.  Meaning the equivalent of a 330mm Plate Helical Screw Pile is a Helicast 150.

Segmented ready-welded sections for reduced head heights, and elimination of on-site welding.

The helical design allows it to penetrate rock where necessary and will not be stopped by large stones or buried trees.

General Screw Pile Advantages

No spoil, therefore ideal for contaminated sites.
Wet ground/coastal /Sea Bed- no problem.
Weather conditions not a factor.
Vibration Free
Can be removed by unscrewing.

Known Applications:

Transportable Buildings and Mining Camps
Housing and Commercial Buildings
Piers, Marina’s and Canals
Retaining Walls
Electrical, Lighting, Cellular and Wind Towers and Poles
Ground and Marine Anchors


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